Polymer Capacitor

Polymer Capacitor

Polymer Capacitor

Solid polymer capacitor (Polymer cap)

Solid aluminum capacitors can work stably in high temperature environments. The use of solid aluminum capacitors can directly improve the performance of the host version. Due to the stable impedance in the temperature range, it is suitable for power filtering. It can provide stable and abundant power, especially in the overclocking of the host version. Important, solid capacitors can still work normally in a high temperature environment and maintain various electrical properties. Its capacitance does not exceed 15% in temperature range changes, which is better than electrolytic capacitors. At the same time, the capacitance of solid capacitors has basically nothing to do with its working voltage, thus ensuring It works stably in voltage fluctuations.

Solid capacitors are high-end capacitors, which use highly conductive molecular materials and contain non-liquid electrolytes. They have the advantages of explosion-proof liquid, good stability, high reliability, high temperature resistance, and long life.

Solid capacitors are used for long working hours and large ripple currents, such as: Motherboard, VGA card, Power Supply, Charger, PV Inverters, Automotive, etc. .

High frequency Filter / 高頻濾波
Pulse / 突波吸收
Store energy / 儲能
Resonance / 諧振

DIP type

SMD type



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