About PAC

Established in 1991, PAC has inscribed the motto: "Creating Infinite Potential " on its business card. The company continued to thrive under this creed. By sharing our profits and supplying employees with benefits, PAC hopes to build a happy company by incorporating zeal, learning, health and shared benefit into our working environment.
During the early years, PAC’s main product lines lies in plastic thin film capacitors sold in Netcom along with switching power supply and displays. With annual sales of up to 150 million units, PAC is able to become No.1 distributor for KEMET in its Asia division. In recent years, PAC has focused on the application of supercapacitors (EDLC) and battery modules, such as Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), solar energy storage, voltage interruption protector, transient power assisted output, and kinetic energy recovery system, and has become the most comprehensive and top-selling distributor in Taiwan.

With the booming IoT market, PAC has set up a professional team focusing on Telecom modules in response to the demand of the Internet. The product line of PAC expands into selling LTE, 5G, WIFI, antennas, and various modules. PAC also attains exclusive sales of eSIM connectivity services and cloud colocation services for Telenor, a major European manufacturer located on Norway. PAC also helps customers of various in-car communication systems, M to M and Netcom to sell worldwide. Now in response to the future of AR/VR devices and metaverse, we have set up a project service for tactile components, assisting its customers in integrating VR technology with tactile sensation directly to the skin.

The changes that we made through the year prove that PAC is able to introduces the right parts as the industry changes. PAC asks its staff to sell the know-how of the product to customers, instead of selling the product as an object with parts number on it. The company has continued to won the approval from both customers and suppliers.PAC expects that it will continue to add new products in the field of professional electronic components and become a reliable supplier for its customers

As per the 2023 edition of “Top 5000 largest Corporations in Taiwan”, PAC Electronics Co. Ltd. is ranked 1017th. Among the Electronics Components Wholesale Industry players, we are ranked 45th.

Company Scale

  • EstablishedMay 21, 1991
  • Registered CapitalUS$ 9,300,000 (including branches)
  • Employees100
Company Theory

Company Theory

Creating Infinite Potential

Company Vision

Company Vision

Zeal. Learning. Health. Benefit

Company Objective

Company Objective

Creates a blissful work environment

Business Policy

  1. Company Theory
  2. Our vision
  3. Corporate strategy
  4. Future plan

Corporate Culture

  • Enhance your competitiveness, enthusiasm, and ambition in the four dimensions of thinking, expressing, judging, and learning.
  • Academic power = knowledge = self-confidence = motivation for growth.
  • Logical thinking + analysis and summarization = persuasiveness.
  • Constructive Conflict.
  • Work Smarter instead of Work Harder.
  • Inventions speaks louder than mere performance.

Three answers to be replied with cautious:

  • 1.Do you agree with our vision?
  • 2.Do you consider employees to be the most valuable asset of the company?
  • 3.Which side of the PAC balance sheet do you consider yourself belong to? On the left or on the right?

About PAC

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