Complete Education and Training Program

  • In order to meet the long-term development of the company and build up the core competitiveness of each department, we will provide the necessary training planning from time to time according to the relevant training schedule.
  • Orientation for New Recruits.
  • On Job Training: training were provided on job site.
  • Career Advancement Training: including junior/middle/senior executive advancement training.
  • Professional trainings: PAC values the professional skills and sees the importance e to enhance work performances. Each department should provide professional training from time to time according to the needs of its core expertise or according to the company's overall goals and objectives. Each department can either organize their own training, or send selected members to receive training outside the company.
  • SD (Self-Initiated Training): PAC encourage employees to actively participate in internal company activities or make more use of internal resources to help them study or further their studies at any point in time for self-growth.
  • PAC encourages employees to pursue lifelong learning and provide them with on-the-job training subsidies. Employees are welcome to apply for the subsidies when needed.


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