Supply Aspect

  • PAC has branches in Kaohsiung, Shenzhen and Shanghai, with its own warehouses and distribution channels. Not only China and Taiwan, our service area also extends to India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian markets.

Technology Support Aspect

  • PAC has its own FAE team, which could provide technical consultant, free course and authorize module design. PAC is not just a components distributor and it has granted ISO 9000 Certification.

Application Aspect

  • Power System: transistor power supply、Inverter ( LCD Monitor / TV)、DC to DC、Ballast and UPS
  • Communication: ADSL Modem、GPS、RF related products、PBX。
  • Consumer goods: Audio devices、electronic toys、high level remote control、car alarm、automobile power amplifier、digital camera、PDA and cellular phone.


Extensice Application Provider

  • Film Capacitor: High quality and reliable performance of film cap.
    Applications: PFC 、snubber 、 resonant circuits 、Coupling - Decoupling
    Feature: Miniature size and high operation temperature for X and Y cap 、self-healing performance 、small size, applicable for wide range capacitance 、pitch 5mm box type cap.
  • Ceramic Capacitor:
    Feature: High voltage with high capacitance、low dissipation factor of SMD type.
  • Super Capacitor:
    Feature: 0.22F~5000F large capacitance.
  • Schottky Diode:
    Feature: Miniature size with unique manufacturing method 、excellent high voltage and Current characteristic.
  • SMD type Current Sensor:
    Feature: 0.5W ~ 2W,tolerance 1%,small TCR.
  • Communication Module:
    Application: Cellular Module,GPS GNSS Module,Smart IoT Module,Wi-Fi Module
  • Antenna Solution:
    Application: External Antenna,Embedded Antenna,GNSS Antenna
  • Battery Module:
    Application: Secondary Cell,LFP Battery Module,EDLC Module
  • Power Supply:
    Application: Medical Power,Industrial Power,Standard LED Driver,Building Power Solutions
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