Payroll and Bonus Packages

  • PAC makes annual payroll adjustments based on social environment factors (price index as a reference indicator) and the company's financial ability to reasonably adjust salaries.
  • Payroll adjustments will be made based on individual performances on an annual basis (not for all employees: the adjustment will be eventually be made based on individual performance).
  • The performance evaluation standard is set, and the performance bonus will be calculated on a monthly basis according to the contribution of both direct and indirect staff.
  • Sharing benefits with all: PAC allocates 15% of the yearly profit to share with the employees as a reward for outstanding performances.



  • Flexible on/off duty with a two-day weekend.
  • Health/Labor/Employee Insurance
  • A Complete education and training program
  • Annual Company Trip
  • Selected tour package arranged by PAC’s welfare committee to relieve work pressure and open dialogues between colleagues.
  • Provide staff subsidies and allowances: notebook purchase, staff education subsidy, salesperson mobile phone cost, salesperson parking fee
  • Bonus provided on holidays/weddings/child birth
  • Complete Education and Training Program
  • In order to meet the long-term development of the company and build up the core competitiveness of each department, we will provide the necessary training planning from time to time according to the relevant training schedule.


Company Trip

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