Ceramic Capacitor

Ceramic Capacitor

Ceramic Capacitor

Ceramic capacitor(MLCC) is a type of capacitor that uses ceramic materials as the dielectric, which is the insulating material between the two electrodes. The capacitor consists of a ceramic disc or chip with metal electrodes on either side.

Ceramic cap are commonly used in electronic circuits for filtering, decoupling, and bypassing applications due to their stability, reliability, and low cost. They can also be used for tuning circuits and as timing elements.

Ceramic cap have a wide range of capacitance values, from a few picofarads to several microfarads, and are available in different types such as multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), ceramic disc capacitors, and ceramic chip capacitors.

One advantage of ceramic capacitors is their ability to operate over a wide temperature range, making them suitable for use in harsh environments. However, they have some limitations, such as piezoelectric effects that can generate unwanted electrical noise and a tendency to exhibit nonlinear capacitance changes under varying voltage and temperature conditions.

◎Acting for the world's most famous brand KEMET
◎Product components: SMD & DIP type
◎MLCC full range of NP0/U2J/X8R/X8G/X7R/X6S/X5R/Y5V/production
◎Rated voltage: 2.5V~10KV; Size: 01005~4540

Application product fields: aerospace technology/military/high performance power management/automotive/industrial/medical/data center/5G related/SSD/wireless fast charging/server power system/telecom equipment/optical communication/green energy



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