Stepping Motor

Stepping Motor

Stepping Motor

A stepper motor is an electric motor that operates in a manner characterized by discrete step angles. It works on the principles of magnetism and current control, and it is used in many applications to achieve high-precision position control and motion control.

Introduction to Stepper motors

  1. Working Principle: A stepper motor consists of multiple electromagnetic pole pairs, typically including a stationary stator and a rotating rotor. By sequentially energizing coils in a specific sequence, the polarity of the magnetic field changes continuously, causing the rotor to advance in discrete step angles. The size of each step angle depends on the construction and design of the stepper motor.

  2. Resolution: Stepper motors have a very high resolution, enabling extremely precise position control. Resolution is measured based on the number of step angles, usually expressed in degrees or radians. This makes stepper motors well-suited for applications requiring high-precision control, such as CNC machine tools, printing machinery, and 3D printers.

  3. Open-Loop Control: Stepper motors typically employ open-loop control, meaning they do not require feedback systems (e.g., encoders) to determine their position. The control system drives the stepper motor based on a predetermined step sequence and assumes that the motor moves in step angles as commanded. Although this control method is straightforward, it is sufficiently accurate in many applications.

  4. Application Areas: Stepper motors are widely used in fields that demand high-precision position control. They are commonly found in 3D printers, robotic arms, plotters, telescopes, and other applications that require precise positioning. Additionally, stepper motors are also used in many household appliances and automation systems for rotation and motion.

In summary, a stepper motor is an electric motor capable of moving in discrete step angles, offering high-precision position control. They are highly valuable in applications that require precise control and find extensive use in industrial, scientific, and household domains.

Stepping Motor / 微型步進馬達

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Stepping Motor Stepping Motor  Stepping Motor

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