Power Motor

Power Motor

Power Motor

PAC Electronics is the leading professional supplier (provider) of Motor & Drive systems for Electric Vehicles in Asia Pacific. As the world inclines towards renewable energy and sustainable fuels, EVs are increasingly used in daily commutes. Headquartered in Taiwan, our predominant focus is on the drive systems which power numerous EVs including electric cycles, electric hover boards, electric skateboard, electric kick scooters, and low-speed electric two-wheelers.

Power (W):250~750
Voltage (dcV):36~48
Max torquet (N.m)30~55
Efficiency (%):>80
Speed (kph):25 ~ 32
Weight (kg):2.2~3.8

High/Normal Power Motor / 高/普通功率馬達

Fat Bike Motor / 寬胎馬達

Mid Drive Motor / 中置馬達

Panel/Controller/Torque Sensor / 面板/控制器/扭矩傳感器

動力馬達Power Motor動力馬達

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