LFP Battery Module

LFP Battery Module

LFP Battery Module

World’s leading provider of LFP Battery Modules equipped with real time status and protection capabilities for AGVs/ AMRs, electric forklifts, OHT Cranes, energy storage for solar and wind power.

LFP Battery Modules(LiFePO4) are extensively used in AGVs, unmanned trucks, electric forklifts, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Overhead Hoist Transport in clean rooms, cranes and other automation equipment. They have been widely utilized in solar and wind power renewable energy storage. Being safer than the Lithium Battery Modules, LFP Battery Modules have more charge cycles, faster discharge rate, minimal degradation in high temperatures, excellent thermal and chemical stability, are less expensive and can be disposed more easily. LFP modules come equipped with RS-232 / RS-485 / MODBUS / CANBUS communication and display screen that provides real time status and protection.

PAC is a professional supplier(provider) of battery modules, we focus on providing excellent services to the India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian markets.

 48V battery lfp battery module  lfp battery module  lfp battery module

Lithium iron battery module:
Used for AGV, forklift and other automation equipment or storage of solar energy and renewable energy, the safety of lithium iron battery material is far better than that of ordinary lithium battery - no fire, no combustion and no explosion, the battery cell has passed the safety certification, and the module has RS-232/RS- 485/MODBUS/CANBUS communication and display screen (customized design can be selected), allowing users to monitor battery status and various protections in real time , PAC professional PM will design and configure optimized products according to customer needs.

Super capacitor module:
Features - Auxiliary power output, voltage stabilization, used in emergency backup power, wind power, automotive boost and other purposes.
The standard module voltage range is DC16V~DC160V, and the current output is 100A~1900A.
The customized module can be connected in parallel with lithium batteries to automatically detect the voltage on both sides, built-in DC/DC current limiting balance voltage regulator circuit, and automatically power off when there is no operation.
Information such as configuration screen voltage and current is clear at a glance.
The monomer has passed safety certification, 500,000-1,000,000 ultra-long cycle life, and the best material for life cost.

BMHL-024025-01 /24V25Ah
24v battery module

BMHL-024050-01 / 24V50Ah

BMHL-024100-01 /24V100Ah

BMHL-024100-02 / 24V100Ah

BMHL-024100-04 /24V100Ah

BMHL-048440-01 / 48V440Ah
48v battery module

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