Product Introduce :Transceiver、AOC、DAC
1.    Transceiver : 
●Optical modules are widely used in wired networks, such as Ethernet, Fiber Channel (FC), SONET/SDH/ONT, CPRI, FTTx and wireless bandwidth.
●Optical modules will also be used on the switching routing platform, including Ethernet switches, routers, firewalls, network interface cards and fiber optic media converters.
●Apply to storage interface card, also known as host bus adapter or fiber channel storage switch.

2. Introduce : 
The optical module consists of an optical fiber connector, receiver, transmitter and microcontroller. JPC designs and manufactures a variety of optical modules, with transmission rates ranging from 100Mbps to 400Gbps, and also includes a variety of different module types, such as: SFP+, RJ-45, QSFP+, QSFP-DD. In addition to being able to quickly respond to customer needs, JPC also aims to provide customers with high-quality, stable and compatible products and design services.

3. Transceiver Application : 
●Telecommunications equipment
●Ethernet switches, routers, servers
●Network Attached Storage (NAS)
●Network Interface Card (NIC)
●High-performance computers (HPC)
●Data Center and Enterprise Storage Systems

1. AOC、DAC : AOC (Active Optical Cable) and DAC (Passive Copper Cable) are mainly used for short-distance interconnection in data centers and server switch interconnection. 
2. AOC、DAC : 
●Energy consumption : The maximum energy consumption of AOC is lower than that of DAC high-speed cable.
● Transmission Distance : The transmission distance of AOC (OM3) is generally longer than that of DAC, and some can reach 100m; while the transmission distance of DAC high-speed cable is generally limited to about 7m.
●Transmit Signal : The AOC transmission signal is an optical signal, and the DAC transmission signal is a low-voltage pulse signal.
●Transmission medium : AOC uses optical fiber material (insulation), which is optical fiber communication and is not subject to electromagnetic interference; DAC high-speed cable is copper wire, which is electronic communication and will be subject to electromagnetic interference.
3. DAC Application : 
●Suitable for short distances
●Widely used in connections between data center switches, large-capacity I/O storage devices and high-density network equipment
4. AOC Application : 
●Long transmission distance
●Used in data centers, high-performance computers, large-capacity I/O storage area networks and other equipment for high-speed, high-reliability data transmission
●AOC usually meets industry standard electrical interfaces , through internal electrical-optical-electrical conversion, utilizing the advantages of optical cables for data transmission

5. How DAC and AOC are used in data centers

There is only one type of 25G active optical cable, 25G SFP28 AOC. The transmission distance of 25G SFP28 AOC can reach 70m when used with OM3 multimode fiber, and the transmission distance can reach 100m when used with OM4 multimode fiber. It is suitable for short-distance data center interconnect applications and provides a solution for the connection between racks and adjacent racks. 


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