KEMET Haptic Actuators

KEMET Haptic Actuators

KEMET Haptic Actuators

Haptic actuators are revolutionary next-generation haptic technologies with the unique ability to provide localized body sensations and haptic effects not available from any other product on the market today. These flexible and versatile actuators can be used in a wide range of applications, including AR/VR, sports training, game controllers, and future visionary products utilizing human-computer interaction. With this thin and flexible piezoelectric film technology, designers can add tactile sensations to product surfaces, providing localized, independent-feeling natural, organic, true-tactile, programmable, customizable effects that enhance the user experience, Offers a unique range of sensations.

1. Product Features:
Very thin and flexible designs, these actuators can be integrated into rigid and flexible surfaces to provide very precise and localized haptic responses. While not a complete replacement for the larger vibrational responses of piezoceramics and eccentric rotating masses, these devices can be used in conjunction with more traditional haptic elements to provide finer feedback in addition to the coarser vibrational feedback provided by other mechanically responsive devices.

2. Market product differentiation:
․ Achieve natural communicative haptic feedback without shaking the entire device.
․ Various messages can be conveyed with different haptic alerts.
Disadvantages: Cannot provide rough vibration feedback such as that provided by Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) and Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA).

3. Product Features:
․ Greatly increases the feel and functionality of smart devices.
․ Ultra-thin and soft: can be conformally embedded into a variety of surfaces in a variety of applications to provide high-quality tactile feedback.
․ Wide frequency range: from 10Hz to 500Hz, providing haptic and audio feedback.
․ Different texture effects: specific to the input file (such as a song or a specific frequency), i.e. to produce different tactile sensations
․ Multi-touch design: Multiple actuators can be applied to different locations on the same surface and vibrated in sequence to deliver multiple feedback methods that combine pattern recognition and effect recognition.

4. Application industry: game/medical/textile…

Implantable: Wearable: AR/VR/MR/Gloves/Clothes/Socks/Shoes
Feedback Type: Hardware Devices: Remote Controls/Controllers/Smart buttons/Medical Devices

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