Slim type Super Cap

Slim type Super Cap

Slim type Super Cap

Super Capacitor or EDLC is an electrochemical capacitor with high power density in a small volume. This type of capacitor can output high power and can output 4A~6A under a 5V application circuit. Current, super capacitors are suitable for applications in pulse power (Pulse Power).
In addition, this type of product has low leakage current (1uA/cell) and low impedance (ESR), and is also suitable for application in energy harvesting circuit applications. The advantages of such products, wearable devices, metaverse, and IOT-related applications in the future industry are one of the inseparable parts.

The advantages of super capacitor Super Cap:

long cycle life
Low impedance (ESR)
Low leakage current (Leakage current)
Fast charge and discharge
high output power
High reliability
Application fields of super capacitor Super Cap:
Industrial handheld PDA
IOT transmission application
Electronic paper application
energy harvesting
RFID electronic label
medical products


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