External Antenna

External Antenna

External Antenna

External antenna is a type of antenna that is located outside of a device or structure, such as a wireless router, television, or cell phone. These antennas are designed to extend the range of a wireless network or improve the signal strength of a device.

External antennas can come in various shapes and sizes, depending on their intended use. They can be directional, meaning that they focus the signal in a specific direction, or they can be omnidirectional, meaning that they radiate the signal in all directions.

In general, external antennas are more powerful and effective than internal antennas, as they are not limited by the device's internal structure or interference from other electronic components. They can also be positioned in a more optimal location for signal reception, such as on a roof or in a window, which can further improve their performance.

PAC provides antenna solutions for various RF and product applications,
Including 2G/3G/LTE/NB-IOT/LTE-M/5G/Wifi/Bluetooth/GNSS/LORA and other radio frequency,
Also provide antenna solutions of different architectures according to product attributes, including PCB/FPC/Chip/Ceramic/External/Spring/LDS Type.
According to the customer's specification requirements, provide design architecture suggestions, antenna performance adjustments, and provide customized antenna services.
PAC Antenna Products have been widely applied in IoT/M2M fields including smart payment, telematics and transport, smart energy, smart cities, security, wireless gateways, industry, healthcare, agriculture, and environment monitoring.

5G, Cellular (2G/3G/LTE), WIFI & Bluetooth RF frequency coverage from 600MHz to 7150MHz.
PAC provides custom built-in antenna designs suitable for various usage environments and specifications.
Type include: FPC / PCB / Chip / LDS  etc.,
To provide customers with the best antenna solutions to achieve high-performance and high-efficiency wireless transmission services.

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