Supply Aspect

  • PAC has it branches office in KaoHsiung、ShenZen and ShangHai with their own warehouse and distribution channel.

Technology Support Aspect

  • PAC has its own FAE team, which could provide technical consultant, free course and authorize module design. PAC is not just a components distributor and it has granted ISO 9000 Certification.

Application Aspect

  • Power System: transistor power supply、Inverter ( LCD Monitor / TV)、DC to DC、Ballast and UPS
  • Communication: ADSL Modem、GPS、RF related products、PBX。
  • Consumer goods: Audio devices、electronic toys、high level remote control、car alarm、automobile power amplifier、digital camera、PDA and cellular phone.


Extensice Application Provider

  • Film Capacitor: High quality and reliable performance of film cap.
    Applications: PFC 、snubber 、 resonant circuits 、Coupling - Decoupling
    Feature: Miniature size and high operation temperature for X and Y cap 、self-healing performance 、small size, applicable for wide range capacitance 、pitch 5mm box type cap.
  • Ceramic Capacitor:
    Feature: High voltage with high capacitance、low dissipation factor of SMD type.
  • Super Capacitor:
    Feature: 0.22F~5000F large capacitance.
  • Schottky Diode:
    Feature: Miniature size with unique manufacturing method 、excellent high voltage and Current characteristic.
  • SMD type Current Sensor:
    Feature: 0.5W ~ 2W,tolerance 1%,small TCR.
  • Communication Module:
    Application: Cellular Module,GPS GNSS Module,Smart IoT Module,Wi-Fi Module
  • Antenna Solution:
    Application: External Antenna,Embedded Antenna,GNSS Antenna
  • Battery Module:
    Application: Secondary Cell,LFP Battery Module